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Top Albums to listen to in the Fall/Autumn

I don’t know what it is. There is something emotional about the transition from summer to fall. I don’t know if it is the feeling I get when I think of previous Falls. Maybe it’s the reality that our world will seem a little darker with the eventual winter that is coming. Maybe it’s the cold. Or it could be the flip into another chapter of life that will not wait for us to bid the summer farewell.

When I think of each season there are several things that come to mind. Of course smells and holidays come to mind but for me it gets more personal. Emotions. Songs. People. Places. They all seem fresh. Riding in my early 90’s red Buick(I never paid attention to makes, years and models) to Eastern Kentucky. Going to visit my friend Caleb at Cumberland College while wearing an oversized jacket to make up for my non-working heater. Flipping my long hair( that represented 6 haircuts I never got, $60 saved) out of my face and whipping my car around those small mountain roads that could have easily claimed my life. This is what I think of when I hear the word Autumn.

And this is the music I listened, and have listened to in the process.

1) Andrew Peterson || Love and Thunder

2) Bon Iver || For Emma Forever Ago

3) Andrew Osenga || Photographs

4) Caedmons Call || Caedmons Call

5) Ray Lamontagne || Trouble (This song is Jolene off the album Trouble)

6) Rich Mullins || Creed

Music Monday (Lecrae #CC2 Edition)

With the recent release of Lecrae’s Church Clothes 2 mixtape, I decided to do a #CC2 Music Monday…

Along with the Music Monday, I thought it would be interesting to do another poll, due to the high numbers in votes on the recent poll…

I’m Turnt

Round of Applause (Feat. BOB)

Why everyone raves about Beautiful Eulogy….

Beautiful Eulogy is a nice group. Many people in the Christian Community agree…

3d2063fa43a58794965045526e7d5d62[1]Loving the new @BeautifulEulogy record. Refreshingly counter-cultural on a number of levels

— Shai Linne (@ShaiLinne) October 30, 2013

rg519aeadiy1gm8ca19q[1]How is it that one of my fav albums this year is FREE? Thanks @BeautifulEulogy. Download at

— Jefferson Bethke (@JeffersonBethke) November 2, 2013

413d76c58c963bf8e7beca90c03d6e63[1]“We don’t need superstars; we need more gospel-centered churches.” Amen! @BeautifulEulogy #ExileDialTone #Crankin Bout to tip 3xs the price!

— Thabiti Anyabwile (@ThabitiAnyabwil) October 29, 2013

They are hip hop, but not exactly. They are Folk-ish, but you can’t limit them to that genre.

They are worshipful, but they won’t be on a WOW Worship CD.

They are them, you must try and see what the hype is about, my favorite track thus far…

Top 5 Rappers Alive!

With Lecrae’s new mixtape, Church Clothes 2 coming out today, I decided to drop a poll on everyone, who are YOUR Top 5 Rappers Alive?

Vote and Share. There are tons of guys to put into this poll, as we see consistency with certain guys, their names will be added….

Music Monday!!!

It has been a little while since I have graced the blogosphere with Music Mondays…

Here are a couple tunes that have kept me going…

Volcano Choir | Comrade

and thanks to my boy, Eons, I got hip on this…

Kids These Days (Feat. Chance the Rapper) | Wasting Time

Caution: Language

Me and Mine

I have found myself in an odd but not surprising point.

I want fame. I want followers. I want glory.

There! I said it. It’s out there.

It’s tough to be a follower of Jesus who claims to be about his fame and glory and realize that in a way I want my own.

In Jay-Z's recent Album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, Jay spent time telling how fame and success are things he hates and thrives off of. But obviously he tells of the Idol that fame has become for him. He just may not know it yet.

In Jay-Z’s recent Album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, Jay spent time telling how fame and success are things that he hates but also thrives off of. Obviously, he tells of the Idol that fame has become for him. He just doesn’t know it yet.

I want to preach sermons that will be talked about years after I die.

I want to live a life that impacts this earth for centuries after my death.

But the fame I want, the followers I want, the glory I want is hard to reconcile. I can easily stop at this point and say that most of what I want is the flesh and I must deny it. Put it to death. But being in ministry, having my life called to the Kingdoms work, it’s not that easy.

Alot of these desires I have are good desires when things are in perspective. I’d like people to hear my sermons because I want people to hear Jesus who are from the rougher side of the tracks.

It is good for me to want people to hear of Jesus. It is good for me to want to be on a big stage to tell others about him.


But being in ministry, I have realized that many of us can be tempted to lifting our names for our glory and fame instead of us hoping we can get on the big stage just to lift Jesus high.

Like my Pastor’s have always told me, Just Remain Faithful.

Music Monday

Here’s to re-finding some music to keep in my veins…