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Mickey Sampson (1967-2009) Water Humanitarian and Missionary to Southeast Asia

We went to the same high school (years separated of course). I grew up at the church he had grown up at. I had a passion for missions like he did.

I got the privilege to have known Mickey Sampson.
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Evan Jones (1788-1872) Missionary to Native Americans

???????????Imagine loving a people group so much that you would walk about 1,200 miles to help them relocate to a new place. During the walk, many died and became extremely ill. You would watch 71 people die during this horrible pilgrimage from the land you knew they rightfully deserved. Continue reading

Tom Skinner (1942-1994) Pastor for Reconciliation

The first time I heard about Tom Skinner was when listening to a Tim Keller sermon while working out at the gym. Keller shared a short story about a sermon he dropped at Urbana Missions Conference in 1970. I automatically wrote his name in my phone to look up when I finished working out. Continue reading