About Mark

Mark Singleton is a child of God.

When writing a bio, I know I’m supposed to write it in third-person. I just felt the “lame” meter climbing as I started to act like I have a receptionist or co-worker writing this. I guess the first thing to say is what I find my identity in.

I don’t find it in my family name, though I love my family.

I don’t find it in my employment because that’s likely to always be changing.

I also don’t find it in my social circles. Because as you get to know me, you realize that my social circles are usually pretty extreme differences.

I find my identity in the God that I follow and my relationship to him. I am his child. He adopted me. And that is who I am…


Now that I feel super spiritual, I will share a little bit of actually who I am in personality and character.

I am a husband to an amazing, awesome woman named Kendra. I get to be apart of the raising of four really fun and energetic children: Adrian, Justyss, Jonathan and Keziah. I am apart of an awesome church family in Louisville KY called New Breed Church.

When I was 17 God called me to ministry within urban area’s. Since then I have also affirmed a calling to the Pastorate. I am excited about the road ahead. In the past I have been involved with ministries in Cambodia, India and  Poland as well with inner-city ministries in Indianapolis, New York, Chicago, Cleveland and Louisville. I have worked with Homeless Shelters, Refugee Communities, Orphanages, Slum churches, Community Centers, Salvation Army’s and Boys and Girls Clubs. I have attended the Word of Life Bible Institute in Up-State New York and am finishing my Bachelors Degree in Biblical And Theological Studies at Boyce College. I am also a graduate of the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative which trains and empowers Urban Youth Workers.

I say nothing in boasting but in thankfulness for every step of the journey.

3 responses to “About Mark

  1. About time!

  2. Keep up the good work Brother Mark! Although we’re always busy, I AM PAYING ATTENTION TO YOU! Pray for me and my family, as I will for you and yours.

  3. Mr Singleton

    I just finished reading Young, Reckless and Reformed (Oct 19), and really enjoyed the read. I have found that the situation applies not just to churches but also to the secular world. No matter if they pinnacle be high school, college or seminary, the students puffed up with knowledge run up against a brick wall of reality that requires the wisdom of expereince, of understanding, of a capacity to draw divergent elements together in new ways to get over. In being awarded a position of prominence after only the initial step has been mastered (if in fact it has been mastered) there is danger not only to those they aim to minister (or manage), but also to themselves and ultimately to God. As the conclusion to 1 Cor 8 indicates, Paul would deprive himself the fruits of his knowledge if in acting upon it threatened in any way the faith and salvation of his brother. I see similar a circumstance where the young and reckless and reformed have the capacity to talk their brother and themselves against a wall blocking them from Christ; a wall that they may be ill-prepared to get over.

    Keep up the good work.

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