Hey #BBN and #L1C4, Let’s enjoy this!

As a Louisville fan that has spent time living out-of-state and now am back living in my great state of Kentucky, I am many times conflicted. I desire so earnestly to see the demise of my rival, the University of Kentucky Wildcats. I hope for their consistent failure throughout the year. While living though for several years out-of-state, I became conflicted because Kentucky was still my home. I couldn’t write Louisville without writing Kentucky. Not only as an address but also as an aspect of identity that I hold to.

Throughout the years the enjoyment of the best rivalry in basketball has gotten better and better. Kentucky went through some ups and downs while Louisville began to stand again with the greats of college basketball. Rick Pitino brought Louisville, not only back on the map, but back to being a consistent contender.

Kentucky after some rough transition years brought in John Calipari. And he came with a vengeance. With the desire to not only bring Kentucky back to its former glory but to a platform college basketball had never seen since UCLA, complete dominance. And he has pretty much done so.

Louisville, Kentucky or both have been in the past four final fours. each have won one. Since 2009, Kentucky has won 3 conference tournaments and has 3 regular season championships in their conference. Since 09′ Louisville has won 4 conference tournaments and 3 regular season championships in their conference.

It doesn’t matter what other rivalries are brought forth. This is THE rivalry of basketball.

Because of that and the excitement of March Madness, I decided to do a tribute to both as they begin the tourney. This being such a special year for Kentucky, I know that it will only solidify good things for our state.

To the best rivalry in basketball, Enjoy!

The Cats

The Cards

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