5 Thoughts from the Oscar’s

My wife and I didn’t plan on watching the Oscar’s, but it was on and wasn’t nearly as provocative as the Grammy’s so we watched to see what was up. While watching, here are 5 thoughts I had throughout the awards show:

1) The Racial Tensions are undeniable and MUST be dealt with before next year.
I never have watched this awards show and seldom will again. It’s just not my cup of tea. While I love film and love a good, thought-provoking movie, the style of the awards show doesn’t fit me, and that’s fine. Needless to say, the racial tensions I saw throughout the night must be dealt with. Not only the fact that they are being protested outside of the arena, but as well the fact that the jokes and statements of the night seemed to degrade people of color.

From Neil Patrick Harris’ attempt to say the Oscars were “the brightest and the whitest” to Sean Penn asking for the Director’s green card. It was cringe worthy and needs to be addressed. And to top it off, the power of the movie Selma was the movie that represented the most minorities and only won for Best Song. It’s a disappointment that with the attempts to highlight many other minorities, the plight for People of Color is still lost in the background of American History.

2) I never thought I’d say it, Lady Gaga did an incredible job.
To be fair, I have not listened to much of Lady Gaga and can’t name a song. I always assume her to be crazy and outlandish. But I couldn’t believe how great of a singer she is. She did a tribute to “The Sound of Music” and honestly gave it justice with her performance.

3) John Legend and Common stole the show.
As a fan of Common, I regretfully hadn’t heard his song, “Glory”. But that performance combined with the racial tensions of the night truly stole the show. I was honestly impressed with the power of the performance. There were tears in the crowd from all sorts of people.

The difficult thing with Selma is that people attribute the time period to be so long ago that it’s beyond memory, but like Common attributed, Selma is still being played out in America through Ferguson and like John Legend said, Mass Incarceration.

4) Terrence Howard was better off not having done that little speech.
Terrence Howard is a great actor. I’ll give him his props. He’s doing his thing with Empire. He’s won his share of awards. But that speech he gave was all rough. The pauses and problem with the mic. It was rough to see. Luckily, everyone will forget about it in the next year or so as I’m sure Empire will be on deck to win some awards in Television.

5) This awards show seemed owned by 5 or 6 movies, and all seemed to have an Indie/Artsy feel to them.
I was disappointed to see that a select few movies pretty much owned every category. I love Indie, Artsy(and foreign) movies. I really do. Those are usually my favs. But as a dad and husband, my family isn’t as in to them so I don’t get to watch as many as I used to and that’s fine.

I was disappointed with the lack of diversity in the films getting consideration. I have heard people take issue with American Sniper, but if the general public liked it, I am curious why it wouldn’t be more considered for more awards. As well with Gone Girl and some other movies. It seems that these awards are held for the upper class of society. They are reserved for a select few. I guess my issue is that why isn’t the selection of films more diverse? I don’t know.

One response to “5 Thoughts from the Oscar’s

  1. I’m sorry I missed Common and Legend but I boycott for reasons u listed …

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