Why Ale 8?

screen-shot-2011-10-28-at-6_07_17-am.pngI like Ale 8.

I drink it a lot.

My wedding rehearsal dinner was Ale 8 themed. My blog references Ale 8. For one of our baby announcements we used Ale 8. So do you get the picture? I like it.

But the question you and even I am wondering is why?

Is it the taste? To be honest, the taste is good but even I know and agree that it is an acquired taste.

Is it because I like carbonated drinks? I really don’t. My preference would be for a tea or non-carbonated drink.

Is it because of any other materialistic feature of Ale 8? Nope.

Multifaceted Answer

I used to love McDonalds. I used to love Walmart. In time though I realized that I loved them only because they are cheap. But what I didn’t think through was that the price I was paying was the value of the product. They are cheap firstly because the products many times aren’t good. Secondly, they are cheap because they undershoot their competitors which ends in eventually family owned businesses being closed down.

After a while I realized how horrible this was and the need to support local businesses. There were several books that helped give clarity to me. One being “Compassion, Justice and the Christian Life” by Robert Lupton.

My Reasoning

Ale 8 is a family owned business that employs Kentucky people and takes good care of its employees. When you spend a dollar on Ale 8 compared to Coca Cola or Sprite, it’s going to support Kentucky families and Kentucky companies. But if you buy from big corporations, the money goes to CEO’s, and all kinds of random businesses they use that are whatever is cheapest.

So Firstly, I support Local Businesses.

My second reason is because I have great memories from my childhood that involve Ale 8. It is a drink that is common all over Eastern Kentucky. When I would go to Eastern Kentucky to see my grandfather and the area he was a Pastor at, I would always see Ale 8 signage and drink machines. It reminds me of being in Eastern Kentucky as a child.

But lastly, it’s because I like the under dog.

It’s a ginger ale drink that can only(for the most part) be bought in my state. It’s still served in a green glass bottle.

I like hole-in-the-wall restaurants. If a team seems inferior, I will most likely cheer for them. This is just who I am. So with all of that being said, this seldom known ginger ale drink that I can’t find when I drive ten minutes into Indiana has my affection. It’s the underdog.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is why I like Ale 8.

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