All Our Children

My wife as a little girl.

My wife as a little girl.

I have always tried to look at life through a lens of preparing the way for the future. I want to serve God to the fullest but in the same token, I want to see those who come after me to do greater things than I ever did.

My blog, my writings, so many things that I spend time doing are really for the benefit of my wife and children. I want them to have my writings long after I am gone or if they just want to step inside of my mind for a bit. I want to equip them well to make a great change for future generations.

10612801_4582630100131_5332414023468100520_n[1]There was a song I used to listen to while I was in High School. It was called History Maker and it was by a Christian band called Deliriou5. The song really set my mind towards making a difference with my life. Not living my life with the typical American Dream but instead having the hope and the vision to become a missionary or minister for God’s kingdom. I was in high school with the determination that my life would be lived to serve and love others towards the Kingdom of God. This is my hope for my children.

Life throws curve balls. We all sin and make horrible decisions at times. But regardless, I really believe that the Christian life, when lived out in the way described by Jesus, is a radical unexplainable but beautiful life. It doesn’t compromise for the sake of comfort and ease. It brings with it tons of sacrifice. But it is beautiful and well worth it.

Photo 143For all of my sons and daughters(adopted, biological or anyone who comes along the way), I want to use my life to help them see what they can do for the kingdom of God. I want them to know that they could live to grow up as missionaries and ministers. They could live their lives on the brink of excitement and what some deem as crazy by having their minds set on a cause for God.

I have seen that many fathers go through this. Of course Solomon wrote a large book to his children, Proverbs. As well though there have been other great books by fathers to their children.

1483275_3665745338585_1468255940_n[1]I think a lot of it is that, as a parent, you want to do everything possible to see your child one notch higher on the ladder (whatever your ladder may be) then you ever make it to. You want to see them build off what you do, not tear it down or completely walk away from it.

The difficult reality for many is that there are plenty of ministers who will not have children who walk with the Lord. It’s a tough reality. ‘Raise the children in the way they should go, when they are old they won’t depart from it’ is not a promise but a principle. Maybe they won’t go in the direction of righteousness and instead seek to live life differently. As one who believes in a sovereign God, if that happens, it happens. I have no control. I don’t know what will happen with my kids. But I love them and want great things for them. I want them to take what my wife and I have done and to do way more for God. But if they don’t desire to have anything to do with God, then that’s their decision. It will hurt of course. I would be lying to act as if it won’t, but that’s the reality of a fallen world.

So that leads me to a new series I will be doing with my blog. Letters to my sons and Letters to my daughters.

They will be letters on certain topics that I feel it’s important to guide them in. I will not have an end date to this and may be writing on this until my grave.

And these are letters that I will attach with other handwritten letters for them to have. These are public but my children will receive private letters as well.

So this is the intro to the Letters to my children series.

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