Music List for 2015

I love music. I love the art and the emotions that comes through simply listening. It’s a beautiful thing to me that can never be over appreciated.

While my single years made it easy to listen to tons of music, since having a family, that dynamic has changed and I have to be intentional about listening to certain artist and albums.

Here are the top albums I plan to listen to in 2015:

 D’Angelo and the Vanguard -Black Messiah

Brand New – Album title TBA
I’ve been waiting for this group to finally have another album. One of my favorite groups.

Kendrick Lamar -TBA
He’s an interesting artist that I’m interested in hearing. He’s a really good and

interesting thinker.

Modest Mouse-Strangers to Ourselves

Death Cab for Cutie -TBA
I used to love Death Cab but haven’t heard much in a while.

Shai Linne || Lyrical Theology 1 AND 2
Yes, I have missed out on both and hope to get caught up soon.

Anything that Sho Baraka or Bon Iver put out.
That is all for now. Carry on.

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