2014 Bottle Awards

Each year as Christmas ends, the rumblings begin for the yearly bottle awards. We have held the bottle awards differently in years passed, but this year instead of doing top 5’s for each category, we will give bottles to the winners(and acknowledge some runner-ups).

Subjects and discussions in years prior were Music, Movies, Best Photograph’s and others.

This year we sought to make the awards more randomized for fun and to keep everyone on their toes.

So here they are, the 2014 Bottle Awards.

images*The 2014 Movie of the Year

While this year has had some really good movies and picked up lots of steam from last years consistent busts, there are a few that stood well above the others.

The winner is
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

With the combination of a great story, awesome cinematography and an amazing soundtrack, Ben Stiller kills it for the win.

Gone Girl | Ben Affleck is getting it done. This movie was excellent though I was unsatisfied with the ending.
The Hobbit | I haven’t seen this yet but I almost wanted to give it the honorary winner because it’s the end to an amazing run.
Disney’s Bears | I really enjoy nature film and this was honestly really a great film my wife and I enjoyed on a date night.


images*The 2014 Album of the Year
While I always feel guilty for not getting time to engage into more music each year, I did get to check out several albums that were impressive.

This was actually one of the tougher choices I had to make because there were some really great albums I got to listen to.

The winner is
Common || Nobody’s Smiling

While I struggled with this choice because I really was digging other albums, I also really like good, concept albums. I liked that Common really drew back to his original relationships with Chicago and other artists for this album. The production by No ID and the themes seeking to acknowledge Chicago’s needs confront you strongly.

Lecrae | Anomaly :This was a really dope album with great lyrics and production. Still hoped for something better conceptually.
Andrew Peterson | After all these years: Really good, greatest hits album that has some awesome new songs. Though I feel weird nominating a greatest hits album.


images*The 2014 Online Article of they year
This will not always be an option but I have to acknowledge this greatly written article by Ta-Nehisi Coates for the Atlantic. Coates has been a really strong writer for a while but this was his magnum opus, at least as of now.

The Case for Reparations
Please take the time to read this, it’s a great write-up.


images*The 2014 Find of the year award
As my wife can attest, I love finding something that I deem as beautiful that few people have heard about. Whether or not it is a book, movie, album or anything, I really love finding something that is awesome. The criteria for this award are: it’s not popular, it’s creative and it strikes a strong chord on the heart(It’s gotta give you warm fuzzies). Previous would’ve been winners are: The Art of Flight and  Biutiful.

This years Find of the year is
Drawn(Film and book by Jeremy Collins)

A couple years I stumbled on Jeremy Collins drawing’s either through facebook or just google. I searched and found some really cool pics he had taken. When I saw that he had started working on this film, I immediately wanted to become a backer. Take time and check out his stuff. Really well done.


images*The 2014 Book of the Year Award
While some awards are easy to hand out, this one is a little more difficult for me. I don’t read a lot of new books as soon as they come out. 1) $ 2) Time. So this award will have to go to books I’ve read this year that really impressed me.
And the winner is:
The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

Wow. I know. You’re probably thinking a couple things. Why have you never read this and why would you give it an award over 150 years after it had been written? Well, firstly, you can’t really blame my education for not reading this as much as me. I am glad I had not read it because I have found that the books I read in adulthood by choice have been far richer then the one’s I had to read during schooling. Not always because the books were bad but because I desire to learn. As a 30 year old man, reading about the treatment Frederick went through, it pierces me a lot deeper now then it would have for a kid.

And the reason I am giving the book this award is simple. Maybe someone hasn’t read it and hasn’t thought about it. Well better late then never. I really enjoyed the read and I hope you take the time to buy it and read it through yourself.

Well, that’s all folks. It’s been a great year. For myself, we have seen the passing of my late mother-in-law, Deborah Sutton. It was extremely hard for my family but in the end, God has proven how gracious he is. We have seen life grow this year through our kids. We have found out that a new addition is coming to the bunch. We also have gotten a home in the part of town we have prayed about for years. And I have gotten the privilege to be married to my beautiful bride for two years in October.

Gods faithfulness exceeds anything imaginable. While making this list is fun for me and I enjoy this blog, I am consistently reminded how faithful he is. In the time that I have been focused on becoming a better writer, I have seen growth yet also, seen the need for A LOT more growth.

As well, I’m looking to a lot of cool pursuits I will be making in 2015. I’m excited about things growing with New Breed Church. I as well got a couple projects that I am hoping to see happen.

Here is a closing song for ’14.

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