Police Killings and a need for unity among believers.

While on Brooklyn Bridge

A pic I took on the Brooklyn Bridge.

I have been nauseated throughout the day.

It’s the time of year when many people are sick for many reasons, but most are related to the weather.

My reasoning for having a sour stomach isn’t because of the weather though. It’s actually over the things I have read and heard about yesterday. Over the weekend two uniformed NYPD police officers, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, were shot to death in Brooklyn, New York while sitting in their police car. Both had families. One having just married while the other had children. The shooter left evidence proving that this was vengeance for Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Many news outlets have given detailed explanations to this situation.

This situation honestly sickens me. There are so many things that could be said.

Hearing about the faith of Officer Ramos and the realization that on this Christmas his wife, my sister in Christ will be a widow. His children will not see their dad in this life. Officer Liu has a newly married bride that is a widow before she can even share in an Anniversary with him. Before she can even have time to get over the wedding jitters.

This Christmas will probably be one of the more sober Christmas’ within my memory because of all the pain and heart ache I have heard about. As well having lost my mother-in-law just prior to Thanksgiving, I can’t help but to think about my wife.

As I read articles from all sorts of angles, seeing news networks and all political parties attempt to twist evil towards their political agendas, my heart cries out within me, “Come Lord Jesus.”

My knees feel worn out from cries of help within the caves of sorrow. It seems that every turn I make, I turn to hear someone tell of complete and utter tragedy.

I will pray for the many children on all sides of these tragedies who will not see their fathers this year. I pray for all of the mothers who have had to bury their own children. I will pray as our country continues to be torn within the hearts of her people. And I will pray for the unity of Gods people.

As much as I wanted to do so many things within this post, timing and the pain of seeing such horrid acts really leaves me having to just say, I must pray.

Prior to his death he had foreseen coming, Christ went to pray at a garden. He prayed with such intensity that drops of blood fell from his brow. His prayer was for us. For our unity.

Saints of all ethnicities and backgrounds, political parties and denominations, our need for unity may never have been stronger in the history of this country then it is now. Let’s commit to pray for each other. Let’s commit to build relationships across racial and political borders. Let’s seek to practice the primary sign of our Christian faith(John 13:35), to love one another.

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