My favorite writer…

ralph_wiley[1]When people ask me who my favorite writer is, they are usually caught off guard.

It’s not a popular writer per se but it is a writer who has impacted writing in a huge way. No, not Stephen King. No, not Steven Pressfield.

Ralph Wiley.

I found a book while I was working at a Boys and Girls club several years back. It was called Classic Wiley. I honestly didn’t think much of it initially. It was free and so I thought I’d check it out.

I began reading this collection of pieces he had written for ESPN and was enthralled. This dude could write and I couldn’t stop reading. They way he addressed racial issues was so smooth and strong. I ate it up. I began buying several different books of his.

I did some research to learn some about him. Here is a great documentary I have found about his life:

I wanted to introduce you to some of his stuff because it’s just straight up dope.

The first piece I read of his about OJ Simpson.

What Would Jackie Do?


And this one where he blasts Rick Pitino pretty hard.

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