Why I could never be a Politician…

Wife and I chillin on the couch, watching a little TV. Typical Political Ad comes on.

“(Politician A) is the devil”.

Next commercial:

“I, (Politician A), am not the devil. (Politician B) is the devil and they want you to be poorer then you already are.”

Following Commercial:

“I, (Politician B), am not the devil. I enjoy doing (cultural activity relevant to local region). (Politician A) wants to make it illegal to do (Previous cultural activity).”

After this made several rounds on the TV, wife and I look at each other in disgust at another ugly campaign season where Gossip and Slander become paid TV commercial time slots.

I began to think, what if I was to run for an office? How would that turn out…


I know I would not win. Here is why:

* My campaign ads would most likely have nothing to do with my competitor. What should stick out about me is not another’s weaknesses but my policies and stances as a person. Why promote someone’s weaknesses instead of your strengths?

* I would shy away from pressing Party Affiliations and stand firm on the positions I stand for. I understand why we have a two party system but some people gotta act like Frozen and LET IT GO. Just because someone is a Democrat or Republican isn’t good enough reason to vote for them. Find out who they are and what they stand for.

* I’d use a portion of the campaign Ad money to go towards something positive (Charity, Nonprofit instead of running hate filled commercials). Why use all of that money and blow it for TV commercials. Show the rationale of utilizing that money to do something good in this world.

* I’d encourage my campaigners to really try to not litter neighborhoods with my ads. Crazy when people are saying they want to help the environment when they are in office and in the process try to destroy it.

* I’d try to tell the truth. If someone asks if they will get this or that wish that I know won’t be able to happen, I’ll break the news to them. “I’m a politician, not a genie.”

Back to reality, wife and I back in our living room chilling on the couch. We know that things will probably stay how they are with all of this. Every couple of years, we’ll see some new and some old politicians playing the same old game. It’s nice to dream though.

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