Writers block.

I never really understood the concept. I mean, for real, when guys would talk about writers block I was like, “just start typing and go”. The issue though is that I have realized that I can experience writers block. However you wanna explain it.

There are times that I feel the think tank is empty. It’s not that I don’t have things I am constantly thinking about. It’s more so that none of the things I am thinking about meat the following criteria:

*Is it interesting enough that others would want to hear it?

*Is it controversial enough that it will appeal and stick out above the crowd?

*Is it UN-controversial enough that I am not stepping on the entire audiences toes feeling like I am in a bar, by myself, singing “Paradise City” on karaoke while hoping for a record deal. I don’t want to be that guy. More less the writer version of him.

This list is not an absolute list. This is a reality list that I go through to seek to write a blog entry. Is it the “right” list? Not really. It’s just honestly where I’m at.

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