Top Albums to listen to in the Fall/Autumn

I don’t know what it is. There is something emotional about the transition from summer to fall. I don’t know if it is the feeling I get when I think of previous Falls. Maybe it’s the reality that our world will seem a little darker with the eventual winter that is coming. Maybe it’s the cold. Or it could be the flip into another chapter of life that will not wait for us to bid the summer farewell.

When I think of each season there are several things that come to mind. Of course smells and holidays come to mind but for me it gets more personal. Emotions. Songs. People. Places. They all seem fresh. Riding in my early 90’s red Buick(I never paid attention to makes, years and models) to Eastern Kentucky. Going to visit my friend Caleb at Cumberland College while wearing an oversized jacket to make up for my non-working heater. Flipping my long hair( that represented 6 haircuts I never got, $60 saved) out of my face and whipping my car around those small mountain roads that could have easily claimed my life. This is what I think of when I hear the word Autumn.

And this is the music I listened, and have listened to in the process.

1) Andrew Peterson || Love and Thunder

2) Bon Iver || For Emma Forever Ago

3) Andrew Osenga || Photographs

4) Caedmons Call || Caedmons Call

5) Ray Lamontagne || Trouble (This song is Jolene off the album Trouble)

6) Rich Mullins || Creed

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