9 Brief thoughts about the Legacy conference

legacy-retna1-3This previous weekend my wife and I and our baby went to Chicago for the Legacy conference. This is the third year we have bought tickets for the conference but the first year being able to actually go. We have had to sell our tickets in the last weeks prior to the conference for the past two years because of finances.

I decided to write-out some brief thoughts from the conference since this was an extremely profound experience for me and was a great spot to build some eternal relationships.

1) Legacy is hip.
I say this because I am not. I don’t recall a time in my life where I was ever referenced with the words “swag” or “dope”. But going to Legacy. Man. You are in Chicago and everyone is stylish. It’s a neat environment to be apart of.

2) Humbled
I was majorly humbled at the conference. I met people with style and flair but as well people who had amazing walks with God. It was really encouraging meeting people.

3) The Workshops were dope.
Plan out which workshops you are going to as soon as you get a schedule. That was something I wish I had done more after the fact. We kind of played it by ear and there were so many good ones. I wish we would have prioritized.

4) My love for Hip Hop and the Urban Arts has grown.
I mean, you are hearing amazing poetry, amazing hip hop and got tons of cool clothing and apparel. It’s hard to not appreciate the environment.

5) Am I a Christian that listens to Hip Hop or a listener of hip hop that’s a Christian?
Those who are familiar with this discussion may be slightly amused. I personally find it as a simple difference in terminology, not much else. But I will say that the way the body of Christ is edified by Christian hip hop artists is undeniable. I got some guys who I will be checking out now thanks to the amazing Friday night concert. (WLAK, J-Givens to name a few)

6) Is this simply a movement for the youth?
Someone referenced that, “we are glad this is happening for the youth” when talking about Legacy. I thought to myself, “I’m a grown man. This isn’t just for youth.” I wrote an article recently for the Reformed African American Network about this. What will happen as hip hop ages and matures. I do hope that Legacy continues to reach a young audience and considering it is apart of the GRIP youth outreach, it makes sense. But I as well am in hopes that out of this may bring some more conferences with a similar flair but focused on edifying an older crowd.

7) Giordano’s is no joke.
That’s some dang good pizza.

8) Art Azurdia though.
All of the preaching was phenomenal. And his message on Revelations was one that will be listened to for years. It was that good.

9) Please read my friend, Jemar Tisby’s great article on 5 Things you must do after a conference.

*** In the Words of Arnold…
I’ll be back.

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