Louisville Housing Projects: Cotter Lang Homes (Southwick)

Park DuValleDuring the late 1800’s Louisville began to change more and more. A community just outside of the then-city limits began to grow. The residents in the community, predominately african-american referred to the community as Needmore while the residents in the nearby Parkland neighborhood, predominately white, referred to the neighborhood as Little Africa. The community had flourished a good bit with 700 homes, 6 churches, 7 groceries, 1 drug store, 1 county school, and other local professionals and craftmen.

Though the community had went through a severe tornado in the late 1800’s, it had been rebuilt and grew stronger and stronger by the 1950’s. In 1952 the city had built the housing project, Cotter Homes and then Lang Homes in 1958.

The next couple decades were rough for this area as it began to deteriate because of over-crowding, poverty and a lack of services to help the poor. Asking anyone in Louisville that knew about Southwick, they knew this was a very struggling community known for crime, drugs and poverty. From: http://www.tcbinc.org/what_we_do/projects/park_duvalle.htm

In 1996 the City of Louisville coordinated with Hope VI and TCB(The Community Builders) to revitalize the area and rename it Park DuValle. Named after Miss Lucy DuValle who was the principal of the California Colored School in 1890.

Now this community has changed hugely. It is a beautiful spot in the city where there are currently 513 mixed-income family units.

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