What I think about words

Social Media has gotten me.

It has hit me with a jarring blow right in the jaw.

I feel the dizziness of a spinning ceiling and the confusion of not knowing where and why I am in this position.

You see I like writing. It’s actually something that relaxes me and to a large degree helps me to feel artistic.

The problem I have found lately has come through my use of social media. When I write I like to share my writings on Social Media. Many times though I will measure my success with the amount of “likes”, “shares”, “favs” and “Retweets” that are received.

Before you know it I felt like the musician who was willing to use autotune or the artist who only painted to mimic the popular themes of his day. I have felt that to a degree I have placed my commitment to popularity above art.

I have recently seen this trend in my life.

Instead my desire doesn’t need to be how “shared” a post is above how true it is. I don’t want to focus on making the mona lisa. I want to focus on making good art that may never be understood or appreciated. But regardless good and true art.

With my writing, the tendency can be for it to be so heavily based on the opinions and popular topics of others that it isn’t truly original. Obviously it isn’t forged but in essense, it can lack originality. In the same token, some of my favorite writings may not be appreciated by many people at all, and that’s ok.

Some of these ramblings are simply thoughts that needed to be worked through.

That is all I have for now. Goodbye blog.

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