3 Reasons I want LeBron to win (Though I’m not a fan)



LeBron and the Heat are down 3-1 in the NBA Finals.  They just got owned at their place for the last two games. If you are a heat fan, you are known to be walking out of the arena during both games.

I am a Kobe fan. This will disappoint many and I understand. Kobe complains to the refs too much. He is overtly known to be selfish and is not exactly a very friendly extrovert to many people. But what I like about Kobe is that his nickname, “Black Mamba” suits him well because he is never hesitant to attack.

With LeBron, I am a little iffy because I always criticize whether or not he has a killer instinct. In the recent years though he has put on a clinic. I have felt I have been watching great basketball that is rarely seen. Though I don’t want to be a fan, I have to admit, it’s been like watching a master artist redefining a role(Point Forward) and showcasing his abilities on a canvas no one has expected.

So I got 3 reasons that I don’t want LeBron to lose…

1) I’d like to be able to tell my kids, “I remember watching LeBron James…”
You see, in 1998 I remember watching MJ seal the deal with the infamous “push“. I love thinking about how I watched that live. I was watching the 2000 Olympics when team USA was struggling against France, Vince Carter stole the ball from a French player and jumped OVER him to dunk. I want to say that about LeBron. I can say that about Ray Allen game 6 last year.

2) This is why I watch basketball, is in hopes to see greatness.
It is an amazing thing to watch a great musician play his guitar. Or a great film made by a great director. There is something beautiful when we see things come together and someone does something that almost seems like they were made to do it. I want that to be LeBron, I want to watch it all happen.

3) Because he is not Jordan, he is not Kobe. He is LeBron.
I want to see him grow into his own. Be a player there has never been. A walking triple double. A willing-to-pass scorer. A player who can guard the 1-5. A guy who redefines the way to play.

This doesn’t mean that if he does lose that he is a joke. He has two championships, plenty of MVP’s and 5 Finals under his belt. And he still has plenty of time to accumulate more accomplishments. The difficult thing for him is that he has to deal with the stigma of how others defined greatness. And that is all of those championships Kobe and Michael have(Not even including Bill Russell).

As for now, I hope to see LeBron do it. I hope to see him defy the odds. Regardless, let’s enjoy watching a great player of the game.

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