Talk is cheap! Get it done!

My friend and I were at a recent conference. This is what Christians do. We get in large groups and talk about things we will one day do. We talk about strategy for days, weeks even years. These conferences are full of people talking about what will eventually happen.

This conference we were going to was different though. My friend said something interesting about the main speaker. He said, “I want to hear this person because they have actually done what they are talking about.” I knew what he was referring to. All the strategists. Going to school for years. Getting PhDs. Becoming twitter legends. Building a following of people who listen to every word and mimic every step. The problem is, they aren’t stepping! They are going nowhere!

I have experienced this before. Becoming friends with a person who had tons of charisma and talked a big game. But in the end, talk kept going.

I know several guys who will proudly go to a school to study missions yet will coward away from the opportunity to serve refugees in that same city that don’t know Christ. Are we serious?

This is where many of us are at. This is where I have been. Talking about tons of ministry exploits yet engaging in very few. I’m done with it! Talk is cheap. I don’t want to be the guy at the gym who tells stories about being a beast yet doesn’t touch the dumbbell. I don’t want to be the missionary who spends a year overseas tucked away in a comfortable home then spends 3 years telling people “horror” stories that could have been lived out just as easily by moving 15 minutes away and depending on food stamps. I don’t want to end up telling my children about the beauty of the sunset in Lima on the shore. I want to take them there and let them see it. I want to grab the dumb bells and let others do the talking. I want to live a life where I forget the stories because there are too many to choose from.

I want to be a doer.


It won’t happen by simply justifying the chair I continue to sit in daily. It won’t happen by neglecting to make the call that I should have made weeks ago. It won’t happen with continual excuses for why I am where I’m at and how nothing will change.

I have to quit sitting on my hands, stand up and take action. That is how change happens.

So this post is simple. I won’t post an interesting picture to lure readers in. I won’t repost this one thousand times on social media like I can occasionally do. I will post this, get up and go.

Carpe Diem!

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