So you know someone personally but they Snub you on Social Media…

I joined Twitter recently and became completely aware of something I didn’t expect: Social Media Snubbing.

The internet has become an introverts dream. Go to a place where no matter how much you feel embarrassed and uneasy about conversations with people, now you can talk to people you’d otherwise been scared to. This causes many people to change personality somewhat when they get on the internet. For some, they may be quiet in person and a beast on the internet. For others, they may do little on social media but racking up the superlatives for being most outgoing in reality.

As I joined twitter and attempted to interact with people I know, I became somewhat surprised at the fact that many people I would follow and knew personally would not follow me. They may respond with one-word answers to questions but that would be the extent. Some people completely ignored me. I was somewhat shocked and felt like I was being snubbed.

I started wondering, is it because I don’t have enough followers? Is it because they are so popular on social media? I was getting frustrated.

Then I realized through the ‘snubbery’ that I found myself seeking interactions and attention. I wanted to get my followers up. I wanted to get a response and was embarrassed if I did not. I was(many times still am) trying to build myself. And I was disappointed if my interactions were empty.

As a Christian this is an interesting place because I know what the bible says about seeking approval of men. I know what the bible says about being hated by the world. But it still shook me pretty good.

10 For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ. † Galatians 1:10

Honestly, I have learned through this to be constantly thankful for real relationships I have. Social Media can be abused by myself when I use it for improving my self-esteem. Its purpose at that point has been lost when I am hoping to have it become my own personal ladder of friendships and acceptance.

4 Reactions to receiving the Social Media Snub:

1) Be Focused on Real, Physical Relationships.

Don’t become another statistic of the person who is focused on becoming a hero to social media and a scumbag to his neighbors. Embrace reality first over cyber friendships.

2) Love your neighbor as yourself.

Use the snub to remind yourself of how to treat others. I remind our kids to remember times their feelings were hurt and how they felt so that when they interact with others they are aware and intent on showing love to all.

3) Don’t take it personal.

Fact: Some people are bad about calling you back, replying, texting back, responding to email and etc.

This is a hard fact for many to accept because most people are so dependent on their devices or tools for communication that when others don’t respond well they begin to assume many things that are simply not true. Give the benefit of the doubt to people. Show grace and be quick to forgive. Otherwise you’ll be forever frustrated with people over how they responded or lacked a response on social media.

4) Embrace the full acceptance from the Father.

Jesus accepts, approves and loves me. He “likes” me. He “favorites” me. When God the father looks at my life of sin, and sees the life of Jesus, that approval he’ll give will far outweigh any RT from a celebrity, any follow by a famous musician or any S/O by a famous Tweeter. His approval must be the only thing I seek.

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