I have come to a fork in the road recently regarding my passions and abilities and the desires to become excellent in the things I do.

Excellence takes time and energy. That is something I realized in athletics(though never achieving it). I saw how many people are naturally talented. They have the capability and capacity to do great things. But capability and capacity will not put points on the board. It won’t get you anywhere. Sports gave me a window into the world of hard work. I saw many untalented teams win many games because of hard work. And as well I have seen teams that are projected to be the best ever(Kentucky! Ahem!) prove to be major disappointments.


Hard work is something that will always trump giftedness. But excellence is the place where hard work meets gifts, capability and capacity to


put on a show that has never been imagined. LeBron James was projected to be great. We as a people almost ruined him by rewarding him for accomplishments before they ever existed. We watched a 20-something year old learning how to compete among professional men and demanded to see Michael Jordan in his prime. I thought LeBron would never blossom to be what was etched in stone.

Though I am a Kobe fan, I am privileged to say I like many other American’s got to see LeBron become the best in the NBA. I got to see him get to the top of the mountain. I pressured him too much to arrive though he had only just left base camp but eventually he came to and it’s amazing to see.

LeBron was the product of the stars aligning in basketball form. Size met Athleticism. Attitude and heart teamed up with capacity and opportunity. And eventually hard work jumped into the stew and in time it slow-boiled to perfection.

That is what we call Excellence.

It’s difficult to hear this story and wonder if your capacity and opportunity will ever be the same as his for any arena of life. But that cannot be the hindrance. One thing I have realized is that my capacity for doing things with greatness and excellence is non-existing until I bring it to life. I may not be gifted in certain area’s of life but that doesn’t mean that I am doomed for failure in those areas.

With all that being said, there are something’s that are naturally going to be easier then others. I may be gifted in certain area’s. And it would be wise for me to consider the area’s I am gifted in to keep my focus and attention.

I am about 6 foot 3 inches. I am a broad shouldered stout guy(I’m big). I am also 29 years old. If I have a desire to become a horse jockey one day, it will present many challenges along the way. It wouldn’t be an easy road.

But in the same token if I desired to be a bouncer, it would be a shorter road to becoming a bouncer at a club.


I desire to be a great writer one day but even to be a good writer would be amazing. I have realized that the only way to achieve this is to write and do it consistently.

So the major point of this post… I plan on becoming the LeBron of writing.

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