Dear Trayvon: Justice is not as simple as a boxing match…

Dear Trayvon,

You breathed your last breath on February 26th 2012. Many things have happened since your departure from this world. One of the most well-known things is that your killer, was acquitted from the charges held against him for your death. This outraged many people. There were protests, peace rallies and vigils from many people who felt that justice had not been executed on this case.

It has been two years since your death and a year since the verdict, and now there is news of a boxing match between the man who killed you and a hip hop artist by the name of DMX. As many people have felt excitement for “street justice” and other things, it brings me grief to see the legacy of your untimely death treated as a side-show and circus that will make several people really rich.

The one thing I take comfort in is knowing that I serve a just God. At this point you already know of this God. I cannot speak as to which side of God’s justice you are on now. But I can say that I know that all sin will be judged. Wrath will be poured out for every sin that has occurred. Justice will be seen when God deals with your untimely death. All sin will be punished. It will either be your killer feeling the wrath of God or God’s own Son taking that wrath. Either way, I can stand comforted knowing that your death will not be lost into eternity with the many injustices that have happened in this world. Every injustice that has happened in our history will be dealt with by the Father

As for now Trayvon, I am sorry to see your legacy treated this way. I am hopeful that we as American’s can handle your death with remorse and remembrance instead of treating it like a side-show.

One response to “Dear Trayvon: Justice is not as simple as a boxing match…

  1. What a travesty!!! One thing is for sure …Trayvon’s soul rests in heaven while his murderer will be headed due south!

    Nice article.

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