Launching New Breed Church

I felt a call to ministry when I was 12 years old. My life has been quite an adventure since. Having traveled to many different places and having ministered anywhere from slum churches to orphanages to Basketball gyms full of Urban youth. I have enjoyed every step of the journey I have been on. It has included some spiritual highs and spiritual lows but God’s faithfulness in my life has been unwavering.

In all the years, with all the different countries and cities I have lived in, everything has brought me to this moment in my life.

Almost 4 years ago I met a friend that would join me for a journey neither of us ever expected, TC Taylor. We both were broken and hurting for my hometown, Louisville, Ky. We both began praying for our city. We began talking about planting a church in downtown Louisville. At the time, I never thought of myself as a church planter or thought TC and I would plant together. But we began praying and God felt otherwise.569_474530659245533_1583055939_n[1]

We started out having a bible study at TC’s apartment and began bringing like-minded people together. We then began meeting at a Spalding University’s dorm for a couple of months. Then we eventually moved the studies back to TC’s apartment. Our bible study grew in number. Eventually we realized we needed to move, we moved to the University of Louisville men’s basketball dorm, Billy Minardi Hall. We met there for several months and kept growing.

After realizing that we needed to find a space where we could potentially put a church, we began meeting at a local boys and girls club. Though many people came and left, our group number kept growing. At the boys and girls club, we held our first hip hop event and poetry slam.

Roughly 300 people came out for the hip hop event and 70 for the Poetry slam(we did little promotion). We realized that God had a people who wanted something like this. Something healthy theologically and practical for the Urban conscious.

We visited Blueprint Church in Atlanta a couple times and built a partnership with them as TC began a residency with them to plant New Breed. TC spent a year under Todd Robertson(Antioch Church) being discipled to plant a church and I spent a year under Jamaal Williams(Forest Baptist Church). After years of preparation, seeing people come and go and seeing our group continue growing, we have finally come to this point. We have announced that we have been approved to begin meeting at Shawnee High School and will be launching our first official church service January 19, 2014.

Tears have been shed and sweat has been poured to get to where we are today. Of all my life, I have never been more excited (regarding ministry) then I am now.

I am asking all friends and family, please pray for New Breed as we prepare to launch. Pray for our leadership team(Chad, Creston, Myself, TC and Roberto) and our external elders(Jamaal and Todd). Pray for West Louisville. Pray for the gospel to be the first and last of New Breed Church. Pray for the hearts of people who need his gospel that we will keep meeting in the west. And pray that each of us would cling tightly to the cross of Christ that has and is continuing to change all of us.

Here are a couple New Breed Vids…


2 responses to “Launching New Breed Church

  1. Rana Bratchette

    I am so excited about the launch day. There is nothing like moving into a new home. I encourage you all to make it your own. May God continue to bless this ministry, you all are doing great work for the Kingdom. Love you all!

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