Corner Store 12/09

Here are some things coming up and some things going on…

1) Two must read Blogs about Mandela:

With Nelson Mandela’s death, these are two of the most interesting reads about it from 2 different guys. One a theologian, the other a Hip Hop leader:
Al Mohler | Nelson Mandela and the Ironies of History

Davey D | Remembering How Hip Hop Took on and addressed the issue of Apartheid (This was written in 2010 but gives an interesting analysis of the Apartheid.)

2) Sho Baraka Recently started a website(as said, “it’s more than a website”). It’s a real cool site to check out though. Everything from fashion, art, music and film will be on display.

3) How to be a black Christian | Sho Baraka (4th District)

Ck it…

4) John Piper | When you start to outlive your heroes (Great Read)

5) Tim Challies | 3 Marks of Righteous Anger

6) New Books to look for:
Jim Hamilton | What is Biblical Theology?


Voddie Baucham Jr. | Joseph and the Gospel of Many Colors

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