Braveheart, History and Hip Hop

“History is written by those who have hanged heroes.”

Those are the famous words you hear about the story of William Wallace in the amazing film Braveheart. When you hear those words and the following description of how the story of Wallace is debated with historians in England, it reminds me of another man who’s historical accounts are still highly debated, Jesus Christ.

History is a funny thing because like this quote says, it can be told from any angle.

I am white and am raising two African-American children and one mixed child, currently(we might add to the fold eventually). One thing that has been very important with the raising of our children is that they are told and understand an honest account of history. Not dressing up the past as being irrelevant or being less harsh then it was.

This doesn’t mean I unload the brutality of history in a graphic way that may disturb them for a long time. But it also doesn’t mean I downplay evil.

I plan on telling my children about the history of our country. I plan on informing them of the racism that has existed in our country’s past as well as the racism that is continuing to exist. I will tell them of the good of freedom, the cost that different people have paid for us to have it and the injustices that have happened that they may never hear of.


There has been a recent controversy within a Reformed Panel discussion that many people have reacted to. The panel discussion revealed disdain for Christian hip hop artists. The panelist’s made some very disrespectful remarks about Christian hip hop artists.

Since then there has been huge backlash from many different people. The internet has been full of opinions. Owen Strachan gives the best rundown of events.

One of the panelist gave an apology that never sought forgiveness or acknowledged sin. The Moderator recently issued a sincere apology and has shown true spiritual maturity with his reaction to all of the recent events.

Just recently, it was found out that several of the panelists have bad views of history(Slavery, Jazz). As the news keeps coming, it’s getting worst and worst to hear because race is becoming the topic that is undeniably being coated by everything else. Here is a video of one of the panelist teaching on slavery.

Your views of history are very important. These views aren’t very surprising. They are troubling and disappointing, but not surprising. My hopes are that as these things come to surface we do a couple things:

1) Not have a mob reaction.

Easily many angry people can turn into a mob. Christ followers aren’t exempt at being capable of doing this.

2) Remember the importance of having a correct historical account.

Doing research that isn’t seeking to justify our ancestors sins.

3) Remember our sin is as great as others sins.

When we start shaking our head at others, many times we forget how sinful our own hearts are. Needing a savior isn’t something any of us move past. We always need him.

One response to “Braveheart, History and Hip Hop

  1. Great article Mark, and a necessary discussion. I haven’t been able to view the video @ work, but I intend to watch it. I agree with your approach. Truth, not justification is what’s needed. While the truth may hurt, it heals, and any solution to present issues will come from a fair and honest discussion of the past on all sides. Repentance is very much at the heart of the gospel. If we desire forgiveness we must be honest with ourselves and God about our transgressions, and that’s the case with personal sins as well as societal. While we Christians can’t force the greater society to do anything, at least those of us who belong to the household of faith should lead the way, and at least be honest about the past so that we do not share in their guilt. Great post, thanks for sharing!

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