Why everyone raves about Beautiful Eulogy….

Beautiful Eulogy is a nice group. Many people in the Christian Community agree…

3d2063fa43a58794965045526e7d5d62[1]Loving the new @BeautifulEulogy record. Refreshingly counter-cultural on a number of levels

— Shai Linne (@ShaiLinne) October 30, 2013

rg519aeadiy1gm8ca19q[1]How is it that one of my fav albums this year is FREE? Thanks @BeautifulEulogy. Download at http://t.co/pe7V10Fizi

— Jefferson Bethke (@JeffersonBethke) November 2, 2013

413d76c58c963bf8e7beca90c03d6e63[1]“We don’t need superstars; we need more gospel-centered churches.” Amen! @BeautifulEulogy #ExileDialTone #Crankin Bout to tip 3xs the price!

— Thabiti Anyabwile (@ThabitiAnyabwil) October 29, 2013

They are hip hop, but not exactly. They are Folk-ish, but you can’t limit them to that genre.

They are worshipful, but they won’t be on a WOW Worship CD.

They are them, you must try and see what the hype is about, my favorite track thus far…

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