Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman and Justice

A couple of months ago I was reading a book by a friend, Daniel White-Hodge called The Soul of Hip Hop. As I was reading, he told about the LA riots during the early 1990’s. Up to this point I had heard of the LA riots but had no idea how extreme this really was. I spent several weeks reading and watching documentaries about the Riots and the Rodney King trial.

Learning about all of this and thinking about how race issues are considered past-tense by some, saddened me regarding the state of our country. Talking with many people regarding race brings a lot of different reactions. Some are passionate. Some are confused. And some really don’t care. I have heard many people who in one moment announce that racism has died yet minutes later will proudly declare the faults of another race.

220px-TrayvonMartinHoodedThe Trayvon Martin case has hit a chord with many people. Seeing a young man killed while on a walk to get candy from a local store saddens most people. But I think what also is saddening is to see that racism’s existence in america is far from over. The tensions felt during this trial have been pretty uneasy. It only takes a scroll down a facebook feed to see many different views that like OJ and Rodney King solidify this as being another trial that will split our already racially divided country apart.

I struggle giving my input on this case because I wasn’t there on the night of the killing. I wasn’t there the night Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were shot. I also wasn’t there the night Rodney King was beaten to a pulp. But I can say that as a Christian I rest assured that the guilty will be punished. Blood will be had. Justice will eventually be served.

I know it may sound like a cop-out but I know that with the Final Judge, bribery will help out no one. Race will no longer be a factor. Justice will be exacted equally on all.

Until that day, we pray for Justice while on this earth of sin. We pray that God would grant wisdom to those making decisions. We pray that the truth would come out. And we pray that God would help us in the meanwhile to be agents of reconciliation.

4 responses to “Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman and Justice

  1. Kathleen Graminski

    Well said – I have personally not been following the trial, although I have certainly heard comments. I find myself frustrated with the fact that there are so many meaningless and tragic deaths in our country committed at the hands of others that do not make the news. I wonder why this one did. I wonder about whether the added stress for the families involved is outweighed by the shows of support. My heart breaks for our sinful world and would pray that God be Glorified.

  2. Very good Brother. It is our Lord who will indeed meet out true justice. He paid the penalty and it is He that sees all things objectively and so can thoroughly evaluate every situation. Thanks for these good words. We do not see justice often because we have left our trust in the God of Creation.

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