Top 5 Man-Restaurants!!!

Well, I have wanted to put this together for a while. Without boring you in why I wrote this, here are my top 5 Man/Bear wrestling/Camping/Tough Guy/Hard nosed/ hangin with the boys restaurants. Check em’… These are based off my travels and places I have really liked eating. I rate this on simple criteria, 1)Portion, 2)Middle-of-nowhere esque, 3) Quality of food.

5) Mann’s Grill | Indianapolis, Indiana

manns-grille[1]I gotta say, this place is tough not to put higher because I love places like this. It meets my standards regarding portions and being in the middle of nowhere. The quality is ok as well. Not great. But the portions are so big, you always feel you got your moneys worth.

Best Meal: Any breakfast.

4) Franks Meat and Produce | Louisville, Kentucky


This place is SOOOO hole-in-the-wall, there are no good pictures I could find but this one. This is a meat and produce shop and they serve some amazing Chili and burgers throughout the week. Stop in at lunchtime, get a simple sandwich and you’ll get a pound of deli meat stacked.

The one struggle about this place is that the workers are so rude you want to fight them. But the food is so good, you can ignore it. It definitely meets the criteria in being a hole in the wall and serving big portions. The food quality is good as well.

Best Meal: Chili.

3) Camp Creek Restaurant | Hoback, Wyoming

08-960x300[1]My wife and I found this place while on our honeymoon in Jackson. This is one of the 66079_2560327823838_1527428407_n[1]best meals we have had together. She got a salad which ended up being HUGE. I got a Philly cheesesteak which ended up being…well, take a look…

I’d give this place a good rating on all three criteria, Quality, Quantity and being in the middle of nowhere.

Best Meal: Philly Cheesesteak.

2) Yesterdog | Grand Rapids, Michigan


Number two has never been this painful. This place is amazing. I crave it year round and my only hope of getting it is when I visit my friends in GR. I honestly can’t explain, how amazing this place is. You will regret going here because you will forever be heart-broken if you don’t live in Grand Rapids. This meets all 3 criteria well.

Best Meal: 3 Ultradogs, no onion.

1) Hammerheads | Louisville, Kentuckyhammerheads[1]

STOP! This is not a seafood joint. This is the manliest place of all. Your food will be amazing. You will eat any sort of meat from Elk, Angus or Venison. You will be able to eat duck fries(fries made with duck fat). Then your amazing burger will be served on a pretzel bun on top of a wooden plate. This place screams to be a rip-off-your-shirt-and-chop-down-a-tree manly place. I love this spot. It kills the 3 criteria.

Best Meal: Elk Burger with Duck Fries.

One response to “Top 5 Man-Restaurants!!!

  1. For your further consideration. Big Bubba Bucks Belly Bustin’ Barbecue Bliss.

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