Mountain Climbing without Ropes

mt-everest-4[1]It’s hard to imagine how high the highest point in the world is. Mt Everest is 29,029 ft from sea level. It’s considered the top of the world.

Each year dozens and dozens of people attempt to climb Mt Everest. To climb Mt Everest though there is a big need you will have, the need of a Sherpa.

The Sherpa people are an ethnic group from the Himalayas. With the many westerners who come to Climb Mt Everest, the Sherpa people have become guides to help people along the journey.

The goal of climbing Everest is of course to make it to the Summit(the top). I mention all of this because the Sherpa’s represent something very important to me.

If I wanted to climb and conquer this mountain. I can’t go alone. I go with a Sherpa because they have been to the top of the mountain. In fact though, the Sherpa’s do more than walk with you up to the top of the mountain. They have not only been to the top before you. They leave before you do, go to the top and set the trail for you to go up. They set up ladders, rope and a trail so that you can make it there.

I have needed Sherpa’s in my life. People who have been up the mountain and on the journey longer then me to help me along. People who intentionally go up the mountain and make a pathway so that when it’s my time to go up, it’s not as hard for me. I have been blessed to have had a lot of Sherpa’s in my life.

When I talk about Sherpa’s, I am talking about people who have a heart to disciple others.

Do you have a Sherpa in your life? Someone who has been where you’re going to? Someone who will go along with you through the journey? Someone who will help you carry your load when times get tough so that you can keep climbing, keep growing. Do you have that?

My Two Challenges are:

*Be a Sherpa to someone

*Find yourself a Sherpa

The Christian life is not a sprint it is a journey. Enjoy what God will do along your journey. One day we will see the Sherpa of all Sherpa’s at the Summit. Until then keep walking the path he walked before us.


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