I heard God’s voice, and he doesn’t sound like James Earl Jones

When I think of God’s voice, there are several audible voices I think of. Mufasa on Lion King. Morgan Freeman. Something that is strong, steady and constant.

But to be honest, outside of hollywood, I don’t know other examples of God’s voice. There aren’t many times where I have heard God’s voice speak to me.moose-wilson-road--630x472[1]

One time though I was on a deserted road in Moose, Wyoming. It was coming upon dusk, I didn’t have a car and there was no town or anything for miles. I was walking down the road while singing several praise songs in hopes that if I had come up on a bear or large predator that they would run off hearing my horrible renditions or maybe just simply they would be spooked.

Watching the sun creep closer to the mountains was a beautiful and daunting sight as I had hoped to make it out of the area by sundown. But in a moment where I had reached my destination(an overlook), I felt the desire to let out a somewhat awkward yell/roar(whichever seems more masculine). It was a moment where my manhood was echoing on the outside how I was feeling on the inside. At the moment I had stopped, the echos had ended and I was confronted with complete wild silence. In that silence I had heard a distinct voice that spoke to my heart regarding the journey my life has been on. The voice was God telling me that he was bringing a new stage of manhood along my journey. I knew he was talking about a wife. I began dating my eventual wife that month.

page4_picture1_slide_2[1]Another time that I had heard God’s voice was while volunteering with refugee children at a Community Center, helping them with their homework. I had been at a point in my life where I had lived my life outside of God’s will. I knew that I needed a change. I began volunteering with kids in different project housing areas because I knew my life needed change. But what I really needed was a church home.

While driving home and praying I peered to my right and saw a church building and in that moment I heard God tell me that I needed to be at this church that Sunday. I ended up joining that church and meeting my eventual wife there. It was an amazing place I dearly loved.

God’s voice never was audible for me. It has always came though when he was shifting my life in a different direction to be MORE apart of his kingdom. Marriage was apart of that plan and joining a church was too.

He didn’t sound like James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman. But when he spoke, change was inevitable.

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