When Diversity goes wrong…

diversity-is-imp-small[1]A big push today in the market place is diversity. You better diversify if you want to run a politically correct business. We’ve seen how many people are embracing diversity.

Many companies use diversity to be the building block for their company. I’ve as well seen schools that are this way. Doing as much as possible to ensure that one thing the school won’t see is a majority of any people group.

We have options to diversify our music. Diversify our food. I believe that diversity is a good thing rooted in us.

Even when we look at God himself, we see diversity. Within what we know of as the trinity is the most beautiful example for us as relationship. We see three very diverse and different persons, practicing submission, exemplifying diversity while being completely united.

And of course we know that diversity will be a trademark of the kingdom of God(Rev. 5). But the problem is that many of us believe that diversity is THE trademark of the kingdom of God.

Diversity Can’t be our Ultimate goal

There was a pastor who started a church based off diversity. He was all about bringing the races together. He brought a message of a diverse kingdom to many people during a hurting time in America. His church grew and grew. He ended up moving his church to South America and led his members to the largest mass suicide in human history. His name was Jim Jones. His kingdom was centered on himself.

The kingdom will be diverse, but it’ll also be centered on Jesus.

Jesus is the key element to the beauty within the kingdom’s, diversity. You can have a diverse kingdom and it’s still not God’s kingdom. Jesus must be on the throne.

Truth be told, most of our churches aren’t diverse. Pretty much 95%(I have no statistical evidence for this, and I’m cool with that) of our churches aren’t truly diverse. The reasons our churches aren’t diverse has nothing to do with churches locations. Cole Brown gave great explanation to this.

Since our churches lack diversity, we should seek to know more lost people. We should diversify our friends and social networks simply for the sake of the kingdom. I don’t have answers but I can say that the conversation needs to be started and needs to be on peoples minds.

Let’s seek to integrate our local churches while keeping Jesus on the throne.


And, let’s quit using our church minorities for church ad’s to look diverse. You ain’t foolin nobody. Sorry, always wanted to say that.

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