My Queen

What is a queen?evil_queen[1]

Is it a lady in a far away land? Is it a woman whose husband is a ruler/tyrant/king?

Is it a woman who wears a royal crown while sitting on a throne and commanding common folks to wait on here every desire?

Or is it a woman who races from work to pick up her children from daycare before she is late? Is it a woman who works to put food in the stomachs and clothes on the back of her children?

Is a queen a woman who spends time each night teaching and loving her children before the night is over to ensure they realize the value of who they are?

Is she a woman who doesn’t have the luxery of kings and kingdoms but plans and strategizes to be able to take her children to fun places just to see the joy that comes on their faces?

I think our views of Queens has been wrong. I see the single mother’s today and I see queens. I see women who have defied circumstances caused to them by the sins of men in their lives. I see strength and virtues that make their little princes and princesses ready to make them proud.

I am blessed to say I married a queen.


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