A New Series…


Well, I have seen a large pattern within the human experience, the value of the story. I had known it when I was a toddler and I wanted to hear about a great story. Good overcoming evil. I knew about it as a teen realizing the only thing I liked hearing the preacher talk about was his stories. It was also confirmed to me while in leadership programs being always told to read a biography or two a year. I enjoy the story.

I would like to leave my kids a pretty deep legacy so that they can be growing long after I am gone. Even if I am around until they are older, I would like to leave them words from me but not neccesarily from my mouth. Learn from not only my experiences but the experiences of others.

That is why I would like to announce the start of a new series I plan on doing about different men and women I’d like my kids to pay attention to. There are tons of great examples but the one’s I will focus on will be people that most likely they won’t know of unless through me.

Here are a couple I will be writing on:

-Tom Skinner

-Mickey Sampson

and some more…

We’ll see how many I end up doing in the course of some years. But I would like this to become short bio’s that tell of these men and women to encourage the faith of my son and daughter.mickey

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