5 Reasons to cheer for Robert Guerrero against Mayweather

I heard about Robert Guerrero several years ago when his wife was battling leukemia. I read his story and before knowing anything about his capability as a boxer, I knew that I was gonna cheer for this dude during his career.

The more I read about him and the more fights I saw I became excited, taking note of each coming fight.

I decided to list 5 reasons to cheer for Robert Guerrero on May 4th:


1) Robert Guerrero is a Christian:

BS25-FIGHT-01-WLI know. I know. In this Jeremy Lin/Tim Tebow period of sports where Christian guys get cheered or jeered, I still am a fan of seeing Christians excell in sports. The media overloaded when Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow announced they were christians. But I also know that it would be an absolute shame for these guys not to thank God for all he brings in their lives. You can’t blame them for having been authentically changed.

Guerrero is unashamed of his faith. Being a person of faith myself, I like that. His nickname is the ghost because he is extremely quick but also because of the Holy Spirit(Holy Ghost). His boxing trunks reference Acts 2:38 which tells of how to recieve the Holy Spirit.


2) Robert Guerrero is a devout husband:

znpzyx[1]I have been dissappointed to see many men who won’t completely show commitment to their wives or girlfriends. They act ashamed to be married or try to act like their on the fence about it in hopes that they can have side relationships or that they can jump ship when storms come.

Guerrero’s wife battled with leukemia in 2010 and through a bone marrow transplant was able to overcome it. Guerrero actually put boxing on the backburner because his priority was the wife he had known since middle school. I respect that kind of commitment.


3) Robert Guerrero is a family man:

His-wife-healthy-Guerrero-returns-to-ring-V01UGJ6G-x-large[1]To be a high profile celebrity, it is common to have many children by many different women and to write it off to your youth. There are few men who take the task of loving their wives and their kids. To see this unfold in today’s age is unfortuante and sad. The number of single-mother homes in america is at a all-time high.

That’s why seeing a man take care of his children is amazing. It is refreshing to see a man who is serious about being a father.

4) Robert Guerrero has sought the toughest opponents:

Berto was one of the top fighters in the world, till he met GuerreroBoxing is an amazing sport but unfortuantely sin rules all in this earth. There are politics with boxing like anything else. With that, there are many people who wondered if Guerrero(myslef included) would get the “big fight”. The amazing thing about Guerrero is that unlike many of his contemporaries who want just good records, he has fought the toughest opponent he has the option of consistantly. He has deserved this Mayweather fight because he has heavily pursured the best.

5) Robert Guerrero will win:


Thankfully, I don’t have 1 million views a day on my blog so I can risk being wrong. But I honestly believe Guerrero will pull out this fight against Mayweather. He is at the prime of his career. He has become more powerful and his speed is at the top that it has been. I really believe that the southpaw from Cali will pull it out. You heard it here first.

One response to “5 Reasons to cheer for Robert Guerrero against Mayweather

  1. Acts 2:38 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. (King James Version) this key verse in the Bible will allow God to finally dwell in you and you will have power over the principalities/demons/spirits of this world! God bless!

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