Why Lent?

I grew up in a baptist church in South Louisville. When hearing the word Lent, all I initially thought of was what I could find in my belly button towards the end of the day.

Per Wikipedia: Lent is a solemn observance in the liturgical year of many Christian denominations, lasting for a period of approximately six weeks leading up to Easter Sunday.

Throughout the last several years, Lent has made a lot more sense to me. Am I catholic? No. But I do see value in taking a time in my life leading towards Easter, to prepare myself to concentrate on the Cross of Christ.

I am planning on doing a fast. I will start mine in time to have a 40 day fast. I only mention this because I believe that it’s good for us to take time fasting and focusing on the cross all year long but what better time then the time leading into when we celebrate his resurrection.

I as well plan on taking time to read on the life of Christ as well as the cross.

I’m in hope that you enjoy Christ in this season and treasure he sacrifice he has made for you.

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