Thoughts of Fresh A…

My step-son, Adrian, wants to be a writer. He likes to express things going on in his life. I figured that until he can learn to type, he could be a guest blogger for me and I would do the typing while he does the talking. He calls himself ‘Fresh A’ so hence the title.

Here he is…

My name is Adrian. I like dancing, watching TV, and I like to play basketball. I am seven years old.

I like cake, cookies, cupcakes, brownies and Jesus. My favorite food is Macaroni. My favorite movie is the Avengers. I like bible study. I like a song called Gimme dat (By Kirk Franklin). I like seeing my family and I like church.

Photo 143I like wearing hats. I like making stuff for my mom.

My mom is pretty. She likes church. She likes hanging out with her friends and Crystal.

I like Kobe Bryant and I like basketball. Kobe Bryant is one of the best but I think Michael Jordan is better. I like watching basketball with my stepdad, Mark Singleton(I promise I didn’t ask him to say it).

I like water.

When I grow up, I wanna be an astronaut. I wanna goto the moon. I wanna put a flag in the moon. And then go back and tell my family.

Sissy is my sister. I like being around her. I like playing hide and go seek and riding our scooters together.

I love my GiGi. I thank God that she’s feeling better. I also love Keisha. She’s my favorite friend to play with. I like hanging out with her and eating nachos with her. Tisa is fun. She likes playing video games with me on her Wii. Kyrus likes football. Sweetie has 3 legs. She can still run and walk and play with me. She likes to sleep with me at night.

This is my first blog post. Thank you for reading.

Fresh A


5 responses to “Thoughts of Fresh A…

  1. Fresh A, you have lots of interesting things to say! I think your step-dad, Mark, should let you blog more often! Is Sweetie a cat or a dog?

  2. Miss you Adrian! I love reading your thoughts! Keep writing, buddy!

  3. Awesome first article Adrian! Keep up the good work!! 🙂

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