Kobe Bryant visits Skid Row in Los Angeles

Firstly, I am always Kobe over Lebron. I don’t know if I’d say Kobe is the 2nd greatest but Kobe is the best ball player that has played in my adult life(imho).

Here is a video of him visiting the homeless in skid row, LA.

Very interesting I gotta say.

But no Mr. Bryant, you can’t prevent homelessness.

Yes, you can drop 81 points against a NBA team. Yes you can get 5 NBA chips and plenty of decorations within your career as a basketball player. But ultimately, to declare that you’re going to end homelessness is as bold as saying that I will prevent corruption and sin from existing in this world.

Homelessness will always exist because all people are sinful and that effects unjust systems and governments that keep people in the cycle of poverty.

So Kobe, do work among the homeless. Help out as many people as you can. Change the way you live life. But also, don’t think too highly of yourself that you’re going to swoop down and be the source of salvation for every homeless person on skid row.

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