An Interesting debate… Al Mohler | Jim Wallis

Is Social Justice an essential part to the mission of the church?

Al Mohler answered “No.”

Jim Wallis answered “Yes.”

This was a very intriguing debate for me to watch because even on my personal computer I have Al Mohler’s blog and Jim Wallis’ Sojourners blog listed on my favorites. I enjoy reading Al Mohler’s views on things because I believe that he comes to his conclusions based on what scripture ultimately says. I myself can identify with several of his theological beliefs regarding reformed theology. I don’t agree with him on everything but, let’s be real, none of us have someone we completely agree with.

I have been working with the poor for several years and have thoroughly enjoyed learning as much as I can about my life’s call, to work with the poor. For this reason, I have enjoyed reading Sojourners blogs. As well, I have a couple friends that write for his blog.

The debate was interesting. I will just briefly give my opinion on the argument.

Firstly, I enjoyed listening to the debate and could see that both men found common ground as the debate continued. I have listened to Jim Wallis on Mohler’s radio show, and I can tell that though these two men are in completely different camps, they are willing to dialogue about their differing opinions.

My answer though to the question posed is the typical “no and yes”. I almost would compare it to my view of God’s work in our salvation. Does God choose us? Yes! Do we choose God? Yes! The important thing to remember though is what happened first. In the same way. Should we seek Social Justice, as the church? Yes. Do we need to give the gospel? Yes.

What I would say is that when we (the church) have been impacted by the gospel, it WILL cause us to goto the poor and love them. When we see the poor, in essence we see ourselves because of what the gospel has done in us. We don’t lend down a helping hand to help those lower then us, we reach across to ourselves. The problem though is that many people have this misunderstood.

I read comments on different youtube videos about the poor and people are either shouting “Help the Poor” or “Give them the Gospel” and the truth is, do both. But let the help you give them be a product of the gospel at work in your own life.

This debate was good but my problem is that neither argument that was made is sufficient. The truth is that the bible clearly mentions the poor. Jim Wallis explains that well and the one thing I would have said is that the bible wouldn’t have holes. It wouldn’t even be God’s word. The bible is a perfect complete book. When you take words away, you are not given the full story(and Revelations says that your name will be taken out of the book of life). The poor are clearly mentioned throughout. There is good reason Jesus wasn’t born to a doctor or lawyer. There is good reason he was born in a dirty, stinky, poop-filled pit. It was to show us the ultimate example of what humility really is. He showed his greatness by not elevating himself as being rich or physically superior. He showed that this earth has no material(jobs, clothes, social class) that can portray God’s greatness.

Overall, enjoy this discussion. I am thankful for these two men and how they have impacted me.

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