Wrestling through a timetable…

I have come to accept several things about my desire to do the poverty chronicles. One thing I have realized is that as I begin to figure out the layout I desire within the poverty chronicles, I have to be realistic about my life as it is and as I develop these other avenues of ministry.

I will be married within a week. I am FREAKIN pumped about this. I love my wife to be and the kids that she has, and I’m ready for the life ahead. But with that readiness is the fact that I have to plan on how all of this will look. I have to be a good steward of all that I have. I know that as I write this, it shows 3 people read each day, one from Sweden(s/o Sweden!), one from the US and one from the Philippines(Manny?). I’m fine with that. 🙂       ….          …     No  …   😦 Not really. I would like my writing to have a platform. But we all gotta start somewhere.

But, ya getting married in a month is a lot of responsibility and work I have to do. So the timetable for the poverty chronicles is still being worked through. But I am excited about the direction they are going in. I am excited about the opportunity to expose Louisville Christians to opportunities of Love.

This might be my last post as a single. If that’s the case, farewell single life. Hello New Chapter!

One response to “Wrestling through a timetable…

  1. Congratulations Mark! Wishing you and your new family the best of everything!
    Don’t worry about your readership numbers at the moment. You will have more to concern yourself with soon enough. Like I always say, “If you write and write well, they shall come.”
    Much joy & blessings…

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