One Week…

There are times when I realize that I have a blog and I would like to express myself through writing. Well, since I have a blog, why not express my thoughts and feelings through the blog. So here it goes…

In one week, I will be getting married. !.

I didn’t know whether or not I should have ended that sentence with a period, an exclamation point or what. I guess because I am extremely excited about making a covenant to God with my to-be wife, Kendra Sutton. I am excited about having a ceremony for that and having a party to celebrate.

But sometimes, this wedding stuff can be a hassle.

Do you mind if I open up?

Thank you.

I guess all of this stems from having unGodly worldly influnces that factor in with a God-centered and God-ordained event. I hear all of this crap(<—–Yes, I said that ) from people that don’t care about the covenant being made. They don’t care about the longevity of the marriage(though many put on a front). All they care about is the cosmetics of the event.

Thankfully though for us, God has put some amazing people in our lives to ensure that the wedding flows well and that the covenant is emphasized and not hidden.

We wonder why marriages are falling apart in this world.


It is horrible. These wedding shows reveal how depraved the minds of many of these self-centered, self-glorifying people truly are. Marriages aren’t lasting and the reason is seen in the weddings that don’t seek to glorify God.

You have mothers and sisters demanding weddings being done the ways they would like. Making fools of themselves at bridal shops.


“This wedding will be run perfect!”

You have fathers bragging about how much money they have spent on the wedding.

The Humble Brag:

“Man, I had to drop $30,000 for that wedding!”

You have grooms who are non-interactive in the entire wedding process.

Cool Hand Luke:

“I’ll just let her do her thing. It’s her day.” 

It is horrible to see.

One thing I hope to see is people seeking to honor God in their weddings. You are making a covenant with God. If you wanna throw a big party, waste tons of cash and include some family and friends, you don’t have to lie to God in the process. Don’t call it a wedding. Call it a show or an act. Because that’s all it is.

I am thankful that Kendra and I have had wise counsel in the process to take as much focus off of ourselves through this thing. I am thankful to have people that are reminding us that wedding’s are about God and his beloved. They aren’t about us. We play supporting roles, not starring roles. Thanks for listening to me vent a little. Honestly, I’m not sorry for my tone. I stand beside all of it.

I’m out!

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