What are the Poverty Chronicles???

Light exposes the truth to darkness.

Being the product of a sinful world, poverty has existed since the beginning of time. From the garden of Eden, we begin living in a world lacking of Justice, full of poverty and trading love for hate. That is what has led me to writing on poverty. Specifically, within my hometown of Louisville. I have seen poverty within my own city and have been shaken by the negligence of many believers. I know that many people don’t know where to start. I hope to be able to give them a good starting point.

The Poverty Chronicles are simply going to be the stories of people and places within the city of Louisville who have lived below the means of others for years.

My hope with the Poverty Chronicles is that they become small lights. That the injustice that happens among the people of my city would become visible and that Christ followers would have a good starting point for love.

These will take time and will be spread out over several months of work. As I said before, I know where I’m starting and not sure where I am ending. Thanks for joining me on this journey.

One response to “What are the Poverty Chronicles???

  1. This is something I should be doing. Looking forward to reading their stories.

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