The Journey Starts Soon…

I was one of those wanna-be ballers in high school. Truth be told, I wasn’t that good. But I loved basketball.

When my senior class took our trip to New York City, there was one spot on my mind that I wanted to visit, Rucker Park. For those who love basketball, they know that Rucker Park is the mecca of streetball. That desire to see that court opened up something completely unexpected for me.

In Louisville, I wasn’t used to using public transportation. In New York though, it’s a must-have for getting around.

When I was riding the bus from Manhattan to Harlem on 7th Ave, I realized I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. In fact Kansas wasn’t on my radar anymore. My shire was a far gone memory to the place that I was in. In Harlem, I had seen levels of poverty that I had never seen in person. I was young at the time but while in that place, God spoke clearly to me about my call to Inner-City ministry. Specifically to ministry among the poor.

I’ve spent my entire adult life working with the poor on some level. It’s definitely been an interesting ride and has reinforced the constant notion that I don’t know what I am doing most of the time.

Most people feel like they don’t know what they are doing regarding ministering to the poor. For many that is because they don’t know where to start. That is why I am writing is to make a proposition. Love. Let’s just simply learn to love the poor.

And to give people ideas of where to start, I felt that it would be good to just tell stories of poverty on the local level. Give props to people who are doing work. And show area’s where people need help. As I write about the stories I have been studying as of late, be encouraged to pray.

That is what leaves me here for this blog series.

The Poverty Chronicles…

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