Letter to Pacquiao…

Dear Manny,

I am a fan of yours from Louisville, Ky. I have watched your fights for several years.

As you of course know, this last fight was a tough one to swallow. The fight itself was enjoyable. You and Bradley both competed well. You both fought hard enough to go the distance with the other. You both had moments where you each seemed to have an upperhand. But then came the ending.

You both had fought hard. Now was the time where your fight would be decided based on who fought better throughout the rounds. ESPN.com’s Dan Rafael scored it in your favor 119-109. The Associated Press scored it 117-111 to you. According to CompuBox, you landed more punches in 10 of the 12 rounds of your fight. Overall, you connected on 253 punches while Bradley only 159. 

As you heard Michael Buffer announce the new champion, Timothy Bradley, you experienced more than just a loss.

While watching and reading the different articles to promote the fight that you had with Bradley, I saw a different Manny. I read the articles on ESPN.com that showed a new you. I saw you leading bible studies on HBO’s 24/7 during your training sessions. I saw that something had happened to you. You had become a follower of Jesus through the Catholic faith. 

I was encouraged to see your honesty when confronted with the adultery you were found in leading up to your fight with Juan Manuel Marquez. It very well almost lost you your title. I saw that this new-found faith had changed the most popular figure in sports in a short amount of time.

But then came those words out of Michael Buffer’s mouth, and at that moment, your faith became challenged. You were winning so well when you were a tool of the enemy. Now you had made decisions to do things right and this happens? Where is God in all of this? Why did you lose when doing good and win when doing bad? You earned this win and were not given it.

Saturday night as sweat was falling off of your brows, you learned about an attribute of God. You may not realize it right now but you learned that God is a just God. You learned that justice seeps into his very being and his heart breaks to see his creation being sinned against because of living in an unjust world. Manny, if you truly know Jesus, you will experience the place where justice and grace coexist equally.

You are a sinner and your sin deserves to be paid for. God is a just God. Every sin will be paid for either through eternal punishment or at the cross. Jesus paid for my sins at the cross and if you know him, your sins have been dealt with there as well. 

If you were cheated out of this fight, do not worry about whether or not justice will prevail. God doesn’t like to see anything that is unjust(Proverbs 11:1).

In closing Manny, this fight should do three things for you:

1. Give you a desire for heaven where Justice is the only option.

2. Realize the depravity of this fallen world. 

3. Lift Jesus higher since the world is waiting to see how you’ll respond.

Thank you and God Bless,


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