The Proposal…

So, I figured I should post the story of how the proposal happened:

Well, I knew from the day I asked Kendra to be my girlfriend that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I knew I wanted to get married, I just didn’t know when.

She has expressed a desire for a fall wedding and I was NOT going to wait until Fall 2013. I wanted to make her my wife ASAP.

We started dating in September 2011. When we began dating I had no idea how soon we’d be engaged. I didn’t know if it would be in December or when. I knew though that we needed to spend sometime together before we committed life together. Though I was sure, I also knew that it would be best to take our time.

When March 2012 had arrived, Kendra had just come off a rough winter of me not proposing. She was getting frustrated and I knew it but I wanted to make sure things were taken care of in different parts of our lives. I had all sorts of ideas. I felt like Michael Scott in the office, I knew what I wanted to do, the How-to part though was all over the place. I thought about taking her to Paris. I thought about going to the YUM arena. I eventually got an idea to do it in the park where I asked her to be my girlfriend at, Waterfront Park.

The ORIGINAL plan was that I would take her to the bench where I asked her to be my girlfriend. As the week approached and I let people in on it, I found out that the spot I wanted was going to be ‘roped off’ because of Thunder Over Louisville(A huge fireworks show). My friend Matt and I went down to scope things out days before to find a better spot. We found one we felt worked.

Now the plan was that I had to get her thinking that I was going to propose at Thunder. She had figured out that the proposal was coming soon. I don’t know if I leaked it while we were with some friends(Jake and Elizabeth) or what. But she was looking for it. We were also due for a date night soon. So I started building this thought in Kendra’s mind that it was going to be Saturday at Thunder.

Things were going SOOOO good. . . So good. . .perfect even.

But of course, there was another ‘kink’ thrown in.

And was it thrown in by an outsider? No. God? Not directly.

I was preparing things with my friend THE DAY OF so that things would go smooth. I sent him this text message:

Make sure that you have a sign tonight that says Kendra and Mark. There will be some friends of hers and mine coming you haven’t met. That way you can have them all together asap. See if walker can come with us to scope it out.

Then I received a call from her friend, Crystal(who helped me set it up). She yelled in the phone, “WHAT DID YOU DO?” I responded, “What are you talking about?” She informed me that the text message I thought I sent Matt went straight to Kendra. At that point, I knew I needed to save face fast. She said Kendra called her and told her she KNEW it was going to happen that night. After reading it several times, I knew I could save face with this:

REMEMBER, I get off at noon, and we’re not going down there till she gets off. You can wait on making the sign till Saturday but I want it done asap so you don’t procrastinate it. I’ll call you tonight about it.

Since I work until noon on Saturday’s, and she knows it, I hoped this would save it.

Then I am thinking that we are in good. I had everything planned out.
But there was one other kink thrown into the system…

I had sent a facebook message for some friends to be apart. One of her friends couldn’t see it all on her phone, so she called her and Kendra thought she knew what was going to happen. But luckily, she thought again that it would be on Saturday.


I’ll just lay out the details of how the date went. We dropped the kids at her mom’s house after she had gotten off work. When we dropped them off, I had to stall afterwards so that her mom, her sister and the kids had time to get picked up by Crystal and make it to the waterfront before we did.

We rode the long way to the waterfront. When arriving we walked to a centralized swing that would be the perfect visible spot for everyone to see us. Kendra of course didn’t feel like swinging at this swing. But I had to make it happen. She was a little frustrated. As we are sitting there my phone rings, Matt asks a basketball question(THE SIGNAL). After I hung up, I grabbed her hand and asked her to walk.

As we walked and talked, we walked by my friend Hannah and one of Matt’s friends who were sitting on a bench acting like they didn’t see us.

When we walked by they started to follow us.

In the side picture, you see a garbage can ahead of us, at that garbage can, I was to ask her to walk up this hill where I’d propose. Of course, she didn’t see why we shouldn’t walk 10 more feet around the hill because her feet hurt.

I told her to do it anyways.

We had to walk up the hill so we wouldn’t see our friends.

While walking up it she asked why we had to do that. I fell to one knee and said “because I want to ask you something, Kendra, will you marry me?”

She started going nuts. At this point she looked up and started talking to God.

Then about 20 of our close friends, the kids, her mom and sister popped out from behind a wall and she started running and screaming.

This is her after the proposal…

It was an amazing time. We have too many friends and family to thank for the help that they added by prayer and participation.

After a good time of talking, hugging and loving, we went to Raffertys to eat with all of our friends.

I am so thankful for everyone that helped. It was an awesome time.

But I am most thankful to Jesus for enabling all of this to happen. He meant for me to propose to Kendra before time ever began. I just followed the script layed out. Whatever else happens in life I trust Christ to continue moving. He is good.

Please keep us in your prayers.

2 responses to “The Proposal…

  1. You are so amazing and I love you so much. This was one of the greatest days of my life. I am so greatful I was able to spend it with my friends and loved ones. Most of all I am greatful that i will soon be Mrs. Singleton. Thank you Father!

  2. Yup this totally made me cry!!!

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