As I prepare to be apart of a church plant and help in leadership with what will be New Breed Fellowship, I go through a routine to motivate myself.

You see, it’s not necessarily that I need motivation as much as inspiration. I go through certain books and movie that remind me different things that I want as God shapes me as a leader. I feel a lot like Israel. I am extremely prone to forget. Thankfully, God reminds me that I am prone to forget and he tells me to remember.

This list will be edited but here is what I go through in my hype season to prepare myself:


Band of Brothers


Goodfellas (there are some things to be learned)


Good Will Hunting

Rocky I-V

Tupac Resurrection (Watch and certain things will be found inspirational, plus it’s relative)


Saving Private Ryan




Disciplines of A Godly Man- Kent Hughes

Hand Me another brick- John MacArthur

Death By Love-Mark Driscoll

Proverbs-God through Solomon

Compassion, Justice and the Christian Life-Bob Lupton

Lion Witch and the Wardrobe- CS Lewis

Ragamuffin Gospel-Brennan Manning

The House that God Built-Jack Wyrtzen

One Man’s Wilderness-Richard Poenekke


I just finished Band of Brothers DVD’s, great motivation…


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