Y I believe what I believe…YIBWIB

I am going to start a serious of post titled YIBWIB (Why((Y)) I believe what I believe). I will go through the logical workings in my mind concerning different issues that I want my children to work through when they are older and dealing with these issues.

I hope that as I work through these issues, share my experiences and and layout evidence for each, that it challenges you, the reader, regarding many of these issues to seek absolute truth regarding each of these topics.

I know that as I write each of these they will be edited for years to come. Knowing that my theology is not final and still being worked on each breath of life that I take.

Here are some of the issues I will lay out:

The Bible (The ultimate authority for our lives that is unwavering)

Trinitarianism (Jesus is God and the only connection Man has to God)

The Doctrines of Grace (God chose those who would be saved before the world was created)

Complementarianism (There are roles for each Gender)

Freedom in Christ (You can be a Christian that drinks alcohol, smokes cigarettes and has tattoos. Why and How? I’ll get to it)

Gospel Driven Poverty Work (Working with the poor is a product of the gospel work in your life, not the other way around)

I know that some of these will be confusing and most will be controversial for our day of age. My desire though is that through these issues, it will help people to understand my beliefs and work through their own.

Take me or leave me, here I am.

2 responses to “Y I believe what I believe…YIBWIB

  1. Cool pic and good topic.

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