You neglected Jeremy Lin

Go ahead and admit it. I know you don’t want to but you just got to admit it.

You were totally caught off guard by Jeremy Lin.

And I’m sorry to tell you but you contributed to his legend with one simple act. Your contribution was really simple. You contributed by being the fuel in his tank that makes his story so interesting.

No, you may not have been talking bad about him.

You weren’t the GM that cut him off the team.

And you may have not been the fans chanting racial slurs while he had road games.

But your act was an act of negligence. You heard about this asian-american guy playing for Harvard. And you simply passed him by not thinking much of him.

You didn’t realize that he was legit. But I did the same thing.

Lin is causing a stir in basketball right now because he’s the Rocky story we have been waiting for for so long.

He’s the Cinderella Man of basketball. The NBA’s Rudy. But there is a simple worry many of us have. We wonder if he’s legit. We wonder how he’ll do as the season continues. We wonder what will happen with the return of Amare’ and Carmelo.

But for the time being, this is a moment to embrace. He’s an Asian-American in a league that doesn’t have many people of Asian decent at all. He’s a Harvard grad where Ivy League students aren’t seen in NBA jersey’s. He’s an outspoken Christian in a city and a league where outspoken Christians are expected to fall into temptation. And he’s an NBA starter who wasn’t even offered a college scholarship.

I hope people see how legit he is with time. And I hope he flourishes in the league. But I also hope to see this unexpected guy off the street lift Christ up as he excels or moves on in the NBA.

But back to how I started, you didn’t give him props. Neither did I. But now we can’t act like we “knew it the whole time”, we can just embrace this time where a man who works hard and has a humble spirit excels on a big stage.

2 responses to “You neglected Jeremy Lin

  1. We’ve been writing about Lin since he was picked up off of waivers by the Knicks and then on December 28th, a day after he had just completed a triple double in the D League. Just felt he was something special.

    Liked your post! Nicely written…

    • lol. That’s great. He’s great to watch. I hope he keeps getting the well deserved credit when Melo and Amare come back. Thanks tons for checkin my stuff out. Feel free to check some more of my write ups. Especially if you like sports write-ups.

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