Maybe you understand. I don’t know. Maybe you’ll know what I’m talking about.

There are times in your life where you’ll look back. You’ll look back and see the wounds you have been given and gave out. You see the pain that has been put into your life and you’ve put into others.

It’s a hard thing to come to. But sometimes you just need a source of expression. For me it’s writing.

But it’s hard. Part of you wants to name names and incidents. But that would open up closed wounds.

Another part of you wants to tag everyone that you’ve ever hurt just so they know the shame you deal with looking at the sins of your past.

But instead of naming names. Instead of working through every incident of your life, you must put your hope in the cross. You must ask forgiveness and even if denied by others, point to the cross and tell of the forgivness you’ve already recieved.

This is a note to those I have hurt. This is my plea for forgivness for every unGodly relationship. Every tear I’ve induced. Every piece of guilt I’ve added by my actions. Every moment of anger over me not being the man God has intended me to be. This is my apology. There are too many of you. But I hope that a few might read this and realize the forgiveness I’ve recieved and let go of the burden’s hanging on to you.

I am not perfect but Jesus is. He gives rest to the weary and heavy-laden. Anyone I’ve ever hurt, I am sorry.

Mark Singleton, a forgiven sinner.

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