I am a Man

I am a man. I am Adam, being deceived alongside my wife because of my bad leadership in the home. I am a man. I am Esau. Not holding on to the birthright that I am supposed to have. I am a man. I am Abraham, pimping my wife out because of fear. I am a man. I am Moses, giving excuses to the God of the universe on why I am not capable of leading. I am a man. I am David, not going to war like I should but instead taking the wife of one of my best soldiers, lying, whore-mongering and murdering . I am a man. I am not the good Samaritan. I am the rich young ruler. I am not Melchizedek. I am doubting Thomas. I am not one of the sons of thunder. I am Peter before the rooster crowed three times. I am not John the Baptist. I am Judas. I am not Paul. I am Saul. I am a man. I am not the Son of God. I am just his follower.

But one thing about me to understand is that I am a man. Though I feel easily capable of ruining all that is good in my life. I am likewise capable of leading an army to a bloody victory. Though I may not admit it, I am not always sure about each road ahead of me. But I am a man. My God can use just this man to shake the world. Not because I am great for I am just a man. There is one man who was not just a man. That man is the man I serve. And when you know him you will understand how just a man like me has possibilities beyond comprehension. I am just a man.

5 responses to “I am a Man

  1. Love it!!

  2. awww, you did an awesome job. love it love it love it. i should write a poeam and name it ” i am a woman” lol

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