What if we could bring back the Titanic…

James Cameron gave us a film in 1997 that would highlight a national tragedy while making a box-office hit. I was about 12 when the movie came out. I was intrigued with the story prior to the movie coming out. I even found the 1953 classic movie adaption and watched it.

There are two things I was amazed about with this story. Firstly, like Steve Harvey, I was amazed that the band kept playing on. Secondly I was amazed that the Captain was not immediately seeking his own lifeboat. This made no sense to me. And then to top it off, he tells the crew to get the women and children on the lifeboats firstly. It was foreign to my ears maybe because I was not used to the idea of Complementarianism.

I have seen this when reading scriptures. I have seen how much Christ sacrificed for those he led. I see in scripture where he leads by servitude. I also see though how he tells us in his scriptures how husbands should lead. A husband’s leadership should be through his love for his bride. It’s more than a kiss on the cheek. To love your wife like Christ loves the church is an extremely sacrificial and self-denying love that removes personal desires and self-centeredness from the equation.

It’s been one hundred years since the titanic tragically sank just southeast of Canada with the 1,517 going under of the 2,200 that were on board.

This was to be the Captain’s final trip. He was planning to retire after her maiden voyage. Going against years of experience, he decided to speed up the ship despite his instincts. The last place he was seen was on the bridge of the sinking ship.

100 years later, there was a large wreck again but with a very different tale of a captain. This captain, Francesco Schettino, went out of route and put the lives of the 3700+ people onboard in danger. Eventually causing the Costa Concordia a 160-foot rip in the bottom of the ship, sinking the ship with the majority of the ship underwater.

Like Captain Edward Smith of the Titanic, the sinking was due to a bad judgment call on the Captain. But the similarities in the captains and their situations end there. Following the time where the captains realized that the ships were sinking, Captain Smith stayed on the ship until his death. He ordered that women and children be rescued firstly. He understood his responsibility to stay with his crew and his ship.

Captain Schettino though reacted differently to his mistake. He was seen on a lifeboat fleeing the scene. When confronted by the coast guard with his mistake and responsibility to the crew and people, the captain fled the scene of the crime.

The problem here is more than just a guy leaving a ship. I believe this shows the problem that has become prevalent in men today. It’s a problem of neglecting responsibilities. It’s not stepping up to the plate when you’re needed. It’s the consequence of confusing good leadership for a title and/or position.

Thankfully though, when I see the man who wouldn’t leave his ship despite his bad decision and the man who left his ship after his bad decision, I see the difference in an employee and a captain. I see the difference in a sperm-donor and a father. I see the difference in a revolutionary and a rebel. I see what a real leader is and what a person who holds a title is. This is what we need to teach the next generation is what has been lost in good leadership.

Here are two men who took their leadership capabilities and did two different things with them…

(I love band of brothers)(Sorry for the language)

This is the part to really watch to see this first type of guy who exemplifies bad leadership…(1:10-4:57)

This is the other type of guy I want to point at showing a real leader.

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